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Water Restriction in Multistory Buildings and How We Can Overcome It

The summer of 2017 has begun and Chennai it has been scorching hot. Water shortage is a regular aspect of life in Chennai. If one is are a resident of this city one has to brace oneself to manage water better. Though better water management is required at the macro level we have to do our best to manage what is available to us.

In many buildings in Chennai city there are now mandatory water restrictions or rationing. In peak summer Metro Water only releases a limited quantity of water, sometimes not at all. Any apartment complex may find this quantity insufficient to meet all the needs of residents (it almost always is) and it may or may not have a bore well or other ground water source as an alternate source of water. The quality of the ground water maybe too hard or too saline for human consumption.In these cases the apartment complex may have to buy tankers of water. It is an estimate that an apartment complex of some 200 odd flats may require to buy water for about 6lakh rupees per month. If equally divided among the residents this amounts to Rs.3000 per apartment.

Here are some ideas for apartment residents to avoid a water crisis.

1. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or washing face or hands.

Fill water in a mug and use to rinse out your mouth after brushing teeth, or for washing face so that as you rinse, the water from the tap does not keep flowing without purpose,into the gutter.

2. Fix your tap leaks

A small drip may appear to cause an insignificant waste of water but over time it becomesrather significant. If your tap has a small dripand drips 5 times per minute then a total of about 2 and a half liters of water is wasted in a day. It all adds up!

3. Re-use your rice washing liquid without just draining

The water you use to wash rice can be reused to water plants, to make curries, and to wash vessels. The rice water is even said to remove foul odour from stinking containers if it is let to stand in them for half an hour.

4. Choose low-flow water fixtures

Thanks to today’s improved high pressure technology, low flow water fixtures help give a better cleaning (using far less water) than old, less efficient fixtures.

5. Flush with less water

By sinking a half gallon bottle of water in the toilet tank one can considerable reduce the amount of water discharged in every flush. Of course two-chamber flush tanks are available today that give you the option to choose between a greater water discharge and a lesser water discharge.

6. Water outdoor plants early in the morning

As less water evaporates early in the morning water plants in the morning. Less water is needed to meet the needs of your garden when the day has not turned too warm.

7. Installing water meters

Often there are disputes among apartment complex residents over water consumption. Some conscientious residents who go to great lengths to conserve water in their homes may have an axe to grind with other residents who are wasteful with water. To avoid such problems may apartments in Chennai have water meters for individual homes that monitor the quantity of water used per household. In a study conducted, the installation of water meters brought water consumption in an apartment complex down by 85% and there was no wastage of water at all.

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