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Disadvantages of Living in a High-rise Apartment

oct 22,2019

High-rise apartments are great to live in for many reasons. It increases your opportunity for a more social life, with a large network of neighbours. Your children have a lot of company. There are spaces provided by the builder for recreational activities such as swimming, playing various sports, walking and excerising. There are frequent community events that add a spark of celebration to your life.

Water Restriction in Multistory Buildings and How We Can Overcome It

oct 22,2019

The summer of 2017 has begun and Chennai it has been scorching hot. Water shortage is a regular aspect of life in Chennai. If one is are a resident of this city one has to brace oneself to manage water better. Though better water management is required at the macro level we have to do our best to manage what is available to us

Quick Tips for buying an apartment in Chennai

oct 22,2019

Are you planning to invest in an apartment in Chennai for yourself? Here’s a reminder check list that will help you make this life choice a successful one. Make a good evaluation of your current income and the stability of source of income. Then pick the budget for your apartment based on that. Don’t get carried away by a builder’s hard sell. You don’t want to be stuck with a huge loan that causes you stress. No amount of luxury will relieve you of the tension of that.