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Things to check before you take possession of your dream home

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Taking the keys to your brand new home at Siruseri may be a moment of ultimate pride and happiness. Sometimes the excitement of the moment may cause you to miss out on some important checks that you must take prior to possession. Make sure you take charge of your new home as a smooth and hassle-free experience and we have put down a checklist of all the points that you must check before you take possession of your new home at OMR.

1)    Documents: One of the most important of all checks is the set of documents that help you to verify ownership and legality of construction in future if any need arises. Here is the list of documents to ensure you have received from the builder prior to the time of possession

2)    Interiors: Air circulation is very important to lead a hale and hearty life for your dream home. For proper air circulation and sunlight, doors and windows are to be placed properly especially in the kitchen and bathrooms and too much sunlight can have its negative effects as well.

3)    Amenities: A lot of amenities are usually promised at pre-construction stages and it is vital to check whether they are in place as mentioned.  LML homes have advertised fully furnished homes at prices that are eye-popping. We assure you that there is no deviation from what we have stated earlier.

4)    Safety Precautions: Make sure the guidelines and safety measures specified by the Government are to be followed by the builder. CCTV cameras, intercom etc must be tested well. Piper gas liner if fitted must be monitored.

Once all have carried out all the above checks, ensure that you have received the possession letter and the other documents that are to be received from the builder. We hope the checklist helps you to simplify the process and help you take possession of your new home so you can focus on enjoying the moment.

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