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Disadvantages of Living in a High-rise Apartment

High-rise apartments are great to live in for many reasons. It increases your opportunity for a more social life, with a large network of neighbours.  Your children have a lot of company. There are spaces provided by the builder for recreational activities such as swimming, playing various sports, walking and excerising. There are frequent community events that add a spark of celebration to your life. Other amenities such as a grocery store, and medical center simplify your life to a great extent.There is usually a very good security system in place in the front gate that ensures that a note is made of all visitors to the building. All this makes living in a multistory building appear very attractive. However there are disadvantages to living in a multistory building that you must be aware of, to help you make the right choice for your home.

Neighbour Interference

Sometimes, in a multistory building you have neighbours living on both sides of you as well as across from you. This has its disadvantages. You may prefer peace and yet have to deal with noisy neighbours. Or you may want to have a few friends over and your neighbours may fuss about the disturbance you caused them.  You will have to be very tolerant and adjusting to maintain good relationships with the people next door.

Lifts and Power

Most multistory buildings today have generators to help counter the problem of frequent power cuts. However there are situations when both the electricity and the generator falter. Or the lifts fail. In these cases you will have to braise yourself to climb several floors up. Elderly people may find this very difficult. You could check to see what back up systems the builder has provided.

No view from balcony

The higher you live in the high rise building the more likely that you only have a distant view. It could also be very windy to sit out on the balcony. 

Difficulty of maintenance 

With more floor space to maintain,high-rise apartment upkeep becomes tedious and expensive. Your common area maintenance bill may become very high. Factor in this expense before considering an apartment in a high-rise building.

Painting a high-rise building is also a cumbersome activity.

Difficulty in Repair work

If the building is flush (for the sake of a sleek appearance) installing air conditioners and maintaining air conditioners, repairing a leaking pipeline etc becomes very difficult. In these cases technicians and plumbers have to install scaffolding and risk their lives to attend to minor repairs. Check with the builder or other residents what measures have been put in place to ensure safe and easy repairwork.

Chaotic Internet and TV connections

In multistory apartments the number of Internet and TV dishes are so many and there is total disorder in the way they are installated on the rooftop. This results in owners not knowing which dish belongs to them. The chaotic wiring on the rooftop also spoils the terrace space. If the apartment association employs a manager who oversees all TV and Internet connections and repairs on the rooftop this problem can be reduced.

Difficulty keeping a pet

Even if the association has no rule banning pets in the apartment complex, taking your dog down for a walk becomes cumbersome if you live in the higher floors of the building.


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Wishing you luck and prosperity in your search for a home.

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